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Latrica Williams is the Creator and Designer of Your Stat Class, a free online course helping students learn Elementary Statistics.  For 15 years, Latrica taught at the collegiate level.  As an Associate Professor of Mathematics, she taught various undergraduate courses, most notably Elementary Statistics.  Latrica understands the importance of mathematical and statistical education; and she works at length to impact the learning of math and statistics in a class setting as well as beyond the classroom. 

During her tenure, Latrica taught numerous students in the classroom.  However, she soon realized there were those who were not afforded the opportunity to receive a higher education in a traditional setting.  As a result, she embarked on a multi-year mission to create a free, web-based, full course curriculum for Elementary Statistics to reach as many students as possible.  In June 2012, Latrica Williams launched Your Stat Class.  Since then, Latrica in conjunction with Your Stat Class has made a global influence on the education of statistics.  By creating this course, she has helped thousands of students in over 100 countries learn Elementary Statistics.

Latrica unquestionably has a remarkable love for teaching and learning.  She also has a passion for utilizing digital and mobile learning, incorporating apps and social media, and creating student centered learning environments.  Latrica is a strong advocate for embracing technology for teaching inside and outside the classroom.  She has presented on topics, which include but not limited to open access education, best practices of flipped classrooms and blended learning, strategies to increase success rates in remedial math courses and policies that can be effectively implemented to close the academic gap between students of different ethnic backgrounds.

Due to her distinguished teaching skills, Latrica Williams was a recipient of the 2013 League for Innovation John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award (Use of Technology Category) as well as the recipient of the 2014 Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics for the State of Florida.

Get started learning elementary statistics today with Your Stat Class!

Latrica Williams, Creator of Your Stat Class

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