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Our free online elementary statistics course includes a free intro statistics book, lectures, videos, help in statistics, and tutoring.

The Wonderful World of Statistics

Welcome!  We hope you're excited to learn about the Wonderful World of Statistics via our free statistics course!   


To get started, first, click on the Textbook link to view the topics that will be covered.  There are 11 chapters that make up the book.  Second, navigate your way through each chapter.  There are many sections within each chapter.  The last items are the Formulas and Tables which will be used throughout the chapters and the Appendix which includes the index.  Therefore, make sure you access the documents to help you learn the content.

Third, the Videos page shows videos of the concepts taught in this free statistics course.  There are numerous videos created!  Not only will you be able to learn the content by reading the material, you can also learn it by watching a visual presentation. 

Fourth, you can complete practice problems by viewing the Homework page and test your knowledge by viewing the Tests page.       

Finally, if you have a question, comment, or concern, please feel free to drop us an email by viewing the Contact page.    

We hope you find delight in all the aspects and content found on this site!


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