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Frequently Asked Questions

​What is the mission of Your Stat Class? 
The mission of Your Stat Class is to bring the wonderful world of statistics via a free statistics course to everyone around the world!  We firmly believe education should be accessed by all.


What information and topics can I expect to learn from this Elementary Statistics content?
The information found on this site is similar to information taught in a first-semester college applied statistics course.  This free statistics course offers a full course curriculum.  The course contains a free textbook with 315 pages of content, over 50 video examples and hundreds of practice/test problems.  Topics include, but not limited to, descriptive statistics, probability, normal distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and regression.  You can view the table of contents via the Textbook page.


Is the content found on this site REALLY equivalent to a typical first-semester Elementary Statistics course?
Yes!!  There are only a few topics omitted.  Appendix H contains the list of omitted topics.  To view Appendix H, click on the Appendix icon via the Textbook page.


Which topics are not covered in this course?
Topics include, but not limited to, the geometric and Poisson distributions as well as multiple regression.  Appendix H contains the list of omitted topics.  To view Appendix H, click on the Appendix icon via the Textbook page.


Is the book really FREE?!?!​

YES!!  As a matter of fact, all the content on the site is free for students to use.  In addition, anyone with internet access can view it.  There is no charge for anyone to use or access any of the content on the site.  We truly offer a free statistics course with a free textbook!

Can I copy your material and post it on a website using it as my own material?

NO!!  No part of this work, information located on this website, and book covered by the copyright herein may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or used in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical including but not limited to photocopying, recording, scanning, digitizing, taping, Web distribution, information networks, or information storage and retrieval systems without prior writer permission of the company or author.

I’m an instructor (or student).  Can I use your textbook and materials?

Sure!  You are welcome to use all the content for free as long as you come directly to our site.  When accessing the content (i.e. textbook files, homework files, tests), please be aware of the following:

•The content cannot be modified or edited.

•The content cannot be copied, uploaded or downloaded to be used for mass distribution either physically or electronically.

•The content cannot be sold or packaged for profit or commercial use.

•The content cannot be imported, uploaded or embedded into an LMS (Learning Management System), online website or app.

I'm a student using Your Stat Class to learn Elementary Statistics.  I need additional help.  Do you offer tutoring?
Yes!  If you have questions about anything related to the textbook, homework, or tests, you can email us your questions!  We have tutors who can help you!  Email:


​What are the terms and conditions of the website?
Please view the following link regarding the terms and conditions of the website:

Is your website and content 508 Compliant?

Some content on the website is accessible.  For example, all the videos are closed captioned.  Unfortunately, there are aspects of the website and content herein that are not 100% accessible.  We are in the process of making the website and content herein fully compliant.  In the meantime, if you choose to use the website in its current state, you risk the possibility of encountering accessibility issues.  We are not liable for any issues which may arise by using our website.  Please refer to the terms and conditions of the website.


How do I contact you?

Please use the Contact form or email us at for general questions, comments, or support.  For business inquiries, please email us at

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