Looking to Join a Professional Organization?

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Do you enjoy the nature of statistics? Are you interested in meeting like-minded individuals who also enjoy statistics? If so, you should consider joining a professional organization.

There are many pros to joining a professional organization.

  • It can help further your career

  • You have the chance to gain experience in your field

  • The networking possibilities are endless

  • You’ll learn about career, internship and scholarship opportunities

  • You’ll build leadership and communication skills if you’re actively involved

  • You’ll have the chance to broaden your knowledge in your field

  • You have the support of fellow comrades

  • You could possibly work with a prominent mentor

  • You expand your professional development and network plan

If you are indeed interested in joining professional organizations, please feel free to consider the organizations below.

  • American Statistical Association

  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics

  • American Mathematical Society

  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

  • Mathematical Association of America

  • National Council of Teachers in Mathematics

  • Association for Women in Mathematics

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